Fees Must Fall

A play written and performed by students at Wits University chronicling the student movement of Fees Must Fall.

The Inkanyamba

A children’s play performed for school groups by the students at the Market Laboratory for school children. The story of a village where the rain has stopped because they don’t believe in magic, until the day the children stumble upon an old rain brining serpent (Inkanyamba) and bring her back to life.

Whose Blood: A Tale of Desire and Despair Set in a 19th Century Operating Theatre

1832. A West African man falls sick in London and he and his wife seek help at a local hospital.

  • Performances 22 February – 12 March, 2011

★★★★ “A must see”
– London Festival Fringe

★★★★ “Lasting and Memorable”
– Afridiziak


A play, in progress, to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Rumble in the Jungle in 2014.


A conversation between two men standing outside a gas station in Montgomery Alabama which moves from a dead body, to slave tunnels to civil rights, to their uncertain future. 3/5s Sample Page

  • Winner of the Harvardwood 2010 Playwriting competition

John Come Down

A sixty-year old black woman in Alabama sees visions of John the Baptist and reawakens the towns old wounds. John Come Down Sample Page

My Grandpa’s Dead Body

Three sisters return to Iowa after 30 years to bury their father.


A ten year old boy flees his family and creates a new world of giants and strangers that promises to save him.

Your Child

A woman who in Kinshasa claims a child from a rape by a UN peacekeeper.

Whose Blood A Play by Alex Burger