Tombs and Cathedrals: Mourning Part One

A few weeks ago I am in Egypt and we descend down into a tomb, but not the tomb of a Pharoh or a king, or even a group of them, instead it is a tomb where 70 bulls are buried, each of them with their own chamber, a granite tomb the size of a small room.

I understand cathedrals – the glory of God, being swept up to the heavens. I know synagogues, and mosques, – a stillness or a sense of awe. But these tombs, I could not fathom.

That is until a close friend has now died and I find myself wandering through my days, thinking and longing for these tombs, driven perhaps by the same confusion and reverence that their creators felt. I understand now why one would create a monument to death.


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  1. Elsie Williams says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss, Alex. Peace and comfort to you.

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