“Two Women” Play Reading: Draft 3

Keketso and Dorothy read through the 3rd draft of my play “Two Women” this weekend. It’s finally getting into some decent shape (after frantic rewrites over the weekend.)  I keep telling myself I should be better at this, faster, smarter, less prone to the mistakes and habits I keep falling into. But so it goes . . .

Interesting as the drafts are getting better the play becomes more controversial – people have stronger feelings about the characters and what should happens to them.  “No, she shouldn’t leave!”  “No, she can’t die like that!”  Being a writer is kind of amazing – I’ve birthed two new begins into the world that now have to make their way.

The play will premiere in South Africa in July, 2015

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  1. Laurence says:

    Je te suis dans les méandres de l’écriture et te souhaite bon courage!

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