Whose Blood Review (and response): Time Out

Time Out says ★★    Readers say ★★★★

Time Out (Andrzej Lukowski):  “Full of interesting titbits about medicine of the day (including the body-snatching exploits of the ‘resurrectionists’) and the experiences of African immigrants in Victorian London, Burger would appear to know his stuff.  But convincing dialogue and character eldue him. . . . Much of what happens in ‘Whose Blood’ is reported not enacted.”

Reader Review:  “Something that struck me about this play is that it is unique to anything else on the London stage at the moment.  Efua tells us what happens in a way not dissimilar to how tales and fables are told in a lot of African culture. She’s a storyteller and plays her heart out, inviting the audience to be part of the story. Perhaps Andrzej is not familiar with African theatre.”

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